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Advantage Lucy - Smile Again (by jobymags)

(со страницы olias)


Chibi Maruko-chan: My Favorite Song “Shopping Boogie”

Animated by Masaaki Yuasa

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Аноним: i'm really sorry if i'm bothering u or anything but a looong time agp maybe about two years i met a user that i think might be u and i talked to her and stuff and it was really cool and she did art too and idk if this is her but like 5 times in the past 2 years i tried to find her blog because i just remember one day it wasn't there and she was so cool and i really considered her a friend and idk if it is u but ahh i am so sorry i am a dumb but ahhh ok i am shutting up hhaa

hello hello!!!!! hehe theres nothing dumb about this at all!! its actually sweet!! we can talk more about this person-that-u-think-might-be-me in my private ask !!!! if it wasnt me then lets be friend right nowwwww kkkkkkkk 

oyasumilk-deactivated20140919: your drawings are so so nice ♡

ohhh~~~~~~thank you i appreciate this so much!!!!!! (((((Motivation to get my butt back with drawing!!!)))))